Alpha Dental’s Success Story: Transition from EagleSoft to CareStack for Exponential Growth

Discover Alpha Dental Centers' journey from EagleSoft to CareStack. Learn how switching to CareStack’s all-in-one dental software centralized and streamlined their operations, leading to significant growth and expansion

Feb 15, 2018 4 min read
alpha dental center
home iconAlpha Dental Center
user group icon150+ Staff Members
location marker iconRhode Island & Massachussetts
user icon50+ Providers
multiple locations22 Locations and growing
  • 40%

    Increase in Provider Compensation due to net increase in collections

  • 90%

    Staff Retention driven by ease of learning and adoption

  • #1

    Central Billing Team to manage claims and payments at all offices


Alpha Dental's executive team faced a challenge during its rapid expansion across two states. Their current software, EagleSoft, was not up to par and failed to meet their increasing demands. The limitations of EagleSoft were obstructing the centralization and streamlining of their operations, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps that their growing dental practice could not sustain.


Determined to overcome these challenges, The Alpha Dental team conducted extensive research to find a more scalable solution. They searched for dental practice management software and found CareStack the most suitable option. Recognizing the comprehensive and advanced features of CareStack, they confidently made the transition, aligning their practice with software designed to empower their next phase of growth, standardization, and operational optimization.

I can run 10 offices at the same time.

There was a point in time when Alpha wanted to grow, and with the software we had previously, the growth wasn’t there. Now I can run 10 offices at the same time without having to go to 10 offices.

penny filipe

Penny Filipe

Regional Manager


The transition to CareStack transformed Alpha Dental’s operational landscape. The all-in-one bundle of capabilities that CareStack offered helped Alpha Dental to centralize activities across their locations, access real-time information from multiple locations, identify the gaps, and quickly roll out and communicate solutions. This significantly boosted their subsequent growth and helped them acquire and add more locations to their group.

Some key steps that ensured a seamless transition from Dentrix to CareStack:

  • User Training and Onboarding

  • Streamlining the Conversion Process

  • Ensuring a Successful Transition

User Training and Onboarding

1. Training Plans

CareStack’s training team worked with Alpha Dental Group to identify user groups and create customized training plans for each group.

carestack training plans

2. Self Paced Trials

Users were provided a trial environment to try and learn workflows by themselves and gain confidence.

self paced trials

PS: CareStack University

Generic Training Plans don’t work. Training users specifically for their functional roles significantly improves their confidence and readiness to switch to a new system.

Start using the best in Dental Software

CareStack’s modern User Interface is easy to learn. You can also use our learning center to swiftly onboard new staff. Your team will thank you!

There is always something new that is released..

CareStack is improving every day. There is always something new that is released, and I’m like wow, that is good. There is nothing out there that compares.

penny filipe

Penny Filipe

Regional Manager

Streamlining the Conversion Process

CareStack’s training team worked closely with the Alpha Dental team to design and implement training and onboarding plans.


Create an A-Team

Identify project champions at Alpha to create the optimal transition plan


Data Cleanup

Clean up unwanted data including old fee schedules and plans


Data Validation

Users were able to validate the data in a test environment of CareStack


Best Practices

Set up workflows for best results, including recalls and scheduling


Brand Setup

Set up Forms, Logos and Social Media links for patient engagement

Ensuring a Successful Transition

  • Our training team worked with Alpha Dental to identify the user profiles and groups, created customized training plans, took full training sessions and provided trial environments for self-learning
  • Our support and implementation team members guided the Alpha Dental users through day-1 of cut-over for a smooth onboarding at every location
  • We ensured continuity and operational excellence through the 60-day free Customer Success Program post-go-live
  • Always available Chat and Voice-based support, along with text and video-based learning resources to help users as new locations were added.

Why Choose CareStack?

Scalability: Effortlessly grow and manage your expanding dental practice with CareStack’s scalable solution.

Centralization: Unify your operations, ensuring seamless communication and efficiency across all locations.

Real-Time Access: Stay informed with instant access to crucial operational data from every location.

Problem Resolution: Quickly identify and resolve operational challenges, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality patient care.

Proven Success: Join Alpha Dental and many other satisfied practices is experiencing exponential growth with CareStack.

Empower Your Practice’s Growth with CareStack.

  • 40%

    Increase in Provider Compensation due to net increase in collections

  • 90%

    Staff Retention driven by ease of learning and adoption

  • #1

    Central Billing Team to manage claims and payments at all offices

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