Dental Pay-By-Text

Online Dental Pay-By-Text Software

Pay-By-Text is a secure, contactless payment that many dental offices choose to offer patients. With the popularity of payment apps, consumers of all types have realized the ease & simplicity. And dental patients are no different—they enjoy the speed & convenience of paying directly from their phones.

CareStack gives offices the ability to use Text-to-Pay via its merchant processor. Simply send patients a secure text with a link to pay their balance in the message. All the patient has to do is click the link, follow the instructions, and confirm the payment.

The convenience increases patient satisfaction and helps portray a modern & tech-savvy image! With CareStack, enjoy the payment method widely preferred by patients, seamlessly integrated into your practice software.

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

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Advanced Dental Pay-By-Text Features

Secure, Time-Saving Tools

  • Secure Text Messaging

    For HIPAA Compliance, the SMS Gateway is encrypted to ensure secure payment processing.

  • Simplified Electronic Payment

    Patients simply click a link and follow the instructions. No login or websites to navigate, making this one of the preferred and fastest payment methods for patients.

  • CS Pay Link

    Send patients a text briefly detailing the reason for the balance and advising the patient to make the payment through the secure CS Pay link.

Multiple Ways to Handle Payments

  • Customize Payment Amount

    Text To Pay feature lets you alter the payment amount as desired or input a custom amount to allow patients to make a prepayment.

  • Option to Manually Account

    Payments received can be added to the account and applied toward a balance or left as an unapplied payment.

  • Automated Payments

    Automatically post payments to the patient balances, or choose to hold the funds to apply to another coded treatment.

Promote Efficient Billing Cycles

  • Electronic Patient Invoicing

    Reduce the cost of collections by reducing the need for printed statements and postage.

  • Shorten the Billing Cycle

    Patients respond at higher rates to Text to Pay versus alternative billing methods.

  • Faster Payments

    Text to Pay alerts the patients to make their co-payment or balances on time which leaves providers with payments quickly and effectively.

Strategically Increase Receivables

  • Efficiently Track Payments

    Leverage CareStack’s Insight Tools to pull up operational reporting about payments received from the Text to Pay source.

  • Accelerate Receivables

    Integrated merchant services offer shorter turnarounds when receiving patient payments, and the incidence of accelerating receivables gains traction.

  • Improve the Revenue Cycle

    Increasing patient collections is the first step practices can take to optimize their revenue cycle.

Benefits of CareStack’s Dental Pay-By-Text

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

Which merchant processor partners with CareStack’s Text To Pay?

The CS Pay merchant offers the SMS Gateway to enable electronic payments.

Where can I find the Text to Pay button on the PMS?

Inside CareStack you will see the Text To Pay button on the Home Dashboard, Appointment Summary, and Patient Ledger

Will the payment link be automatically integrated within CareStack?

Dental practices need to manually set up the CS Pay link within the PMS’s settings, but it takes only a few clicks.

Will the Text to Pay be linked to the Patient Account?

It will be linked to the patient’s mobile number and every member related to the Responsible Party account will be listed under the same number.

Does an advance payment count toward a provider’s collections?

Not until they are posted against the completed treatment code.

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CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.