Revenue Cycle Management

Online Revenue Cycle Management Software

CareStack’s Online Revenue Cycle Management Software will help you manage your practice from start to finish. From getting patients in the door, collecting the money they owe, managing both the insurance and patient receivables, and preparing reports, you can do everything from a single platform!

Revenue Cycle Management (also known as RCM), assists you in keeping receivables and aging organized, so you can focus on collecting more money for your practice. Whether these tasks are performed at an individual location level, at a Central Billing Office (CBO), or even an outsourced billing department, CareStack removes bottlenecks and barriers. The process is simplified so you can get a workable list of insurance and patient aging, along with many automated tools to improve revenue and reduce costs.

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Advanced Revenue Cycle Management Features

Revenue Cycle Receivables

  • Analytics Dashboard & Scorecard KPIs

    Track patient and insurance receivables, incoming/outstanding monies, multiple claim statuses, etc., utilizing KPIs that can be calculated by the entire organization, location, or provider.

  • Front Office Dashboard Tracking

    Track receivables and receivable opportunities by day, month, provider, or location, and compare against pre-defined goals.

  • Reporting

    Operational reports dedicated to money received/outstanding for both insurance and patient, collectively or separately to match your office protocols and procedures.

Pre-Organized Workable Lists

  • Aging Report Summary

    View outstanding monies on both the patient and insurance side, and customize your view between locations and providers. Sort Aging into various ranges from 0-180 days, and easily access vital data within each group.

  • Aging Report Detailed

    View outstanding monies while choosing to focus on the individual patient or responsible party. Data includes last payment date and last statement date.

Insurance Revenue Cycle Aging

  • Claims Module

    A live list to work your claims aging, updated in real-time to allow collaborative working. Easily narrow lists by provider, carrier, aging group, and more. Resubmit claims and send corrected claims straight from the claims module.

  • Insurance Aging Report

    Choose to work claims in the aging report, with the data filtered to only show insurance aging. Select criteria to pre-filter lists and drill down capabilities.

  • Claims Report

    Choose to work claims in the claims report. View all aging claims or choose to filter by select criteria such as aging days based on submitted date or DOS, as well as grouping by carrier or status.

Patient Revenue Cycle Aging

  • Patient Aging Report

    View all patient aging including the last payment date, last payment amount, and last statement date. Multiple pivot views available, such as summary, patient, responsible party, or detailed.

  • Text-to-Pay

    Collect patient payments faster with CareStack’s Text-to-Pay solution. Use for prepayment, payment due at time of service, or patient aging. Easily send Text-to-pay links from the daily dashboard, on a patient appointment, or from the patient ledger.

  • Statements

    Choose statement generation criteria to narrow lists to your specific needs. Deliver statements by print and mail service or utilize e-statement delivery to your patient’s HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

Benefits of CareStack Revenue Cycle Management

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the fastest way to see how much my office has collected MTD?

A collection scorecard that can always default to MTD gross or net collections is the fastest way to review that overall collection number. It can be viewed at any time by staff members who have the permissions to view it.

How do I see what my oldest outstanding claim is and when it was worked last?

The most efficient way is to view pending payment claims in the claims module and sort by oldest to newest, showing the oldest based on DOS at the top of the list.

How can my patients pay my office with a credit/debit card?

Patients can pay in a multitude of ways, whether in the office or from the comfort of their own home, utilizing CareStack’s integrated payment processing partners with features such as text to pay, pay online in the secure patient portal, setting up a payment plan for a future date, or paying at the office by swiping their card. The funds received from the patient goes directly into their ledger, no matter what feature was used to take the payment, ensuring up to date ledger totals and zero room for data entry errors.

How do I see my insurance aging and patient aging numbers?

Aging numbers can be viewed in either a scorecard KPI, an analytics dashboard KPI, or from the Aging Report, filtering on both patient and insurance aging.

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