Remote Access

Online Dental Remote Access Software

CareStack is a 100% cloud-based dental practice management software, allowing users to access the program from anywhere. This flexibility (along with having a complete, all-in-one solution versus multiple subscriptions) lets practice owners and managers allow some daily tasks to be done offsite, such as insurance verification and scheduling.

And when unexpected events occur (like illness, inclement weather, and emergency patients), CareStack clients can manage surprises as they happen, instead of waiting until someone is physically in the office. This flexibility helps increase patient retention & maximize scheduling opportunities!

As a practice owner, you have complete control over permissions and remote access to the software, with an available "audit trail" to ensure team members use CareStack according to operating procedures. 

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Trusted by over 2,000 US providers and growing!

Discover the difference that CareStack can make in transforming your practice efficiency while reducing your subscriptions and monthly expenses.

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Advanced Remote Access Features

True Cloud-Based Software

  • Mobile Optimized

    Most modules are accessible from mobile devices.

  • Modern

    Ability to work in multiple instances of CareStack from the same browser.

  • Oversight

    Audit trail to see how users are accessing CareStack.


  • User Permissions

    Allows you to restrict access to specific modules.

  • IP Restrictions

    Make access to the system IP based to keep the system secure.

  • Working Hours

    Restrict access to the system to set working hours.

Workflow Efficiencies

  • Emergency Scheduling

    Ability to get patients scheduled after hours.

  • Offsite Employees

    Being able to have staff work remotely versus being out for the day.

  • Complex Cases

    Having access to patient charts for review at home or reviewing with peers remotely.

Benefits of CareStack Remote Access

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I restrict access to CareStack outside our office hours?

Yes, you can set user working hours for each user along with IP address restrictions.

Can my remote worker access a patient chart while an onsite employee is in a chart?

As a modern cloud-based dental software, you can simultaneously have multiple users in a patient record.

Would I pay additional for contracted employees like insurance verification?

No, CareStack takes a simple per-location pricing approach, so you are not penalized for adding your consultant, accountant, or insurance verification company.

Why the Smartest Dentists are Switching to CareStack

CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.