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One Dental Software for All Your Needs

CareStack is a cloud-based all-in-one practice management software that makes running your practice easy—no matter if you have one location or many! We provide a platform for you to manage vital functions such as scheduling, online booking & appointment requests, as well as unique advanced capabilities such as patient engagement, insurance verification, claims, revenue cycle management, and reporting & analytics to monitor clinical efficiency.

Who we serve

Is My Practice A Good Fit?

CareStack is a good fit for a wide range of dental practices, including large, multi-location practices and DSOs (dental service organizations), as well as smaller independent practices. CareStack is highly scalable and flexible, allowing organizations to easily add or remove users, locations, and services as needed. It is also user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for staff to quickly learn how to use the system and start benefiting from its capabilities. Additionally, all-in-one cloud dental software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Overall, CareStack is a good fit for any dental practice that is looking to improve its operations, reduce costs, and provide better care to its patients.