Online Dental Charting Software

CareStack dental practice management includes online dental charting software to track the progress of patients' oral health. With online dental charting, you can quickly and accurately make a diagnosis, record patient information, and then set up a treatment plan that results in better patient communication, efficient daily workflow, and improved profitability. Furthermore, CareStack’s industry-best dental charting is flexible and intuitive, and eliminates 3rd party vendors!

Easily add procedures, conditions, and clinical notes, and create patient-friendly treatment plans that improve treatment acceptance. This dental charting feature also includes quick access to the customizable odontogram and digital imaging.

Best of all, dental charting is fully integrated, so you can open charts from anywhere in the patient's profile, or from the scheduler—whichever you prefer.

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Advanced Charting Features

Interactive Odontogram


Easy to Read

Color and pattern-coded representation of the patient's dentition

View Treatments

Hover over a tooth to show a pop-up of associated treatments

Age Appropriate Options

Choice of adult or child dentition

Custom Care Panels


Create/Modify Templates

You can create new panels or adapt to the samples that have been provided

Streamline Operations

Create explosion codes of common treatment plans for efficiency and accuracy

Customize for Your Needs

Rearrange care panel buttons according to the most commonly used

Periodontal Charting


Periodontal Health

Record and track pocket depth, gingival margin, mobility, bleeding, and more, to study a patient's condition and offer treatment

Integrated Data

Teeth charted as missing or with crowns or implants in the regular chart show the same way in the periodontal chart

Set Provider Preferences

Copy certain details from a previous exam. Choose your probing direction. Include a bar and/or line graph with the measurement. Establish probing rules

Manage Prescriptions


Update Records

In CareStack's prescription slider, you can add medications the patient takes that were not prescribed at your practice

Add New Medications

You can also prescribe new medication on paper or, if your practice is configured, electronically

Integrated DoseSpot

Start and send an electronic prescription directly from the chart using the DoseSpot integration

Configurable Chart Options


Easy Access

The chart can be directly accessed from the patient record or using a global search function, simplifying access

Filtering Options

Customize the chart details view by filtering for Conditions, Existing, Planned, Today, Completed, Notes, Notes to Complete, etc

Chart Summary

Simply click on the patient name to see a summarized view of the chart with everything completed and planned to date

Task-focused Charting


Notes to be Completed

The patient chart will highlight the pending treatment notes that should be completed for claims and compliance

Pending Acceptance

Easily color-coded treatment statuses to identify the procedures that are pending the patient’s acceptance

Referred Out Codes

Easily identify the referred out procedures from the chart using integrated referral management to track and re-engage

Benefits of CareStackDental Charting

  • Deeply integrated so you can access the chart from anywhere in the patient's profile.
  • Care Panels - Customizable tools for quickly adding elements to the chart records.
  • Standard Filters to easily focus on key information within the chart details. Your practice can build special filters for your use, or you can customize them as well.
  • Care panels have customizable tools for quickly adding elements to the chart record.
  • Task-focused approach for quick access and actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

Can I access the patient's chart remotely?

Yes, CareStack is a cloud-based system you can access remotely and also manage the access as needed

Can we have chart notes pre-made to make it easier to chart notes?

Yes, you can create explosion codes for efficiency and accuracy.

How should you indicate a tooth is missing when dental charting and what will it look like visually?

When charting an existing condition for a missing tooth, you would mark the tooth missing or congenitally missing, and the tooth will appear faded on the odontogram.

Can I access my digital imaging in the patient's chart?

Yes, your digital software integrates with CareStack, and you can access them from the patient's chart

Why the Smartest Dentists are Switching to CareStack

CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.