Dental Text Messaging

Online Dental Text Messaging Software

Now dental practices can easily utilize text messaging to elevate patient communication. Almost 9 out of 10 customers want the option to engage via text, and dental patients are no different! CareStack's two-way texting allows you to communicate with your patients in a way that is easy & accessible, launching the texting conversation directly from the home screen or the individual patient's profile.

Sending SMS text messages can streamline communications in a number of instances, such as new patient greetings, appointment reminders, payment reminders, and other patient notifications. CareStack also makes bulk communication easy—simply select your criteria to create a list, then send a text to the identified patients.

Patients can also easily opt-out of text messages in favor of email or phone calls.

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Dental software features: Text messaging

Benefits of CareStack Dental Text Messaging

Advanced Dental Text Messaging Features

Easy Templates

  • Text Templates

    These messages can include standard text, images, and details populated directly from the patient record -like name or appointment date.

  • Specific Templates

    Text templates to send a text If you would like your patients to fill out their paperwork before their appointment, you can send a text to do so.

  • Promotional & Recurring Text

    CareStack gives you the ability to set up one time text or recurring texts as well as one patient or multiple patients for delivery.

Easy templates

Delivery Options

  • Time of Delivery

    CareStack gives you the option to set the time frame a text is delivered.

  • Date of Delivery

    CareStack gives you the option for the days the text is sent and to opt-out specific days.

  • Filter By Patients

    CareStack allows settings to send to one or multiple patients.

Delivery options

Promotional & Recurring Text Templates/Campaigns

  • Promotional Text/Campaigns

    Texts that are set up as a one time campaign.

  • Recurring Text/Campaigns

    Texts that are sent on a recurring basis.

  • Filter By Patients

    CareStack allows settings to send to one or multiple patients.

Promotional & recurring text templates/campaigns

Text Template Lists

  • Lists

    You can view the text templates you have created and add new templates.

  • Filter the Lists

    You can filter the lists by date,description, campaign type and creator.

  • Monitor Lists

    Carestack will allow you to view progress on your text templates campaigns sent.

Text template lists

Patient Engagement Overview Page

  • Performance View

    CareStack's landing page for Patient Engagement gives you a view of how your text campaigns are performing.

  • Patient Engagement Overview Page

    CareStack's Patient engagement landing page includes multiple views of all patient engagement including text, email, voice engagement, post card, etc.

  • Monitor Lists

    CareStack will allow you to view progress on your text templates campaigns sent.

Patient engagement overview page

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the text messaging view look like a text on your phone on your desktop?

Yes the view on your desktop will mimic just as it would look like if you are texting on your mobile device.

Can I set up a text message to go out at a later date and time?

Yes CareStack has multiple filter options to set up one time or recurring texts.

Can I text one individual patient right from my main screen?

Yes CareStack has a modern platform so you can communicate by text with one patient while still having a clear view of your schedule, patient accounts, etc.

Do confirmation texts from patients automatically confirm the patient's appointment in the schedule?

Yes when a patient confirms via text it will confirm in the schedule automatically.