Elevate Care, Experience & Relationships

Personalized Interactions

Personalize the patient experience and make every interaction between the patient and your practice easier than ever.

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Elevate Care, Experience & Relationships Elevate Care, Experience & Relationships


Elevate <span>Care, Experience & Relationships</span> With CareStack, we were not just switching software, but adopting a technology that has enabled us to re-imagine patient experience and connect to our patients like never before Elevate <span>Care, Experience & Relationships</span>

BUILD Trust & Loyalty

Your patients are your most important asset. You cannot afford to lose them. Patients choose their care providers based on convenience and transparency.

With CareStack you can combine care, convenience, and connection to get closer to your patients like never before.

Nurture Stronger Relationships
Convenient Pre-Visit Process

Convenient Pre-Visit Process

  • Online Booking

    Embed the online scheduler on the practice website and allow patients to choose the best time, location and provider from anywhere, on any device.

  • Patient Intake

    Send digital forms via text or email to patients and collect intake data such as demographic information, medical history and patient consent.

  • Appointment Reminders

    Send automated appointment reminders based on patient preferences – via text and/or email to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations.

  • Custom Campaigns

    Create custom campaigns targeting a specific subset of your patients to fill your schedules, promote special offers and reactivate lost patients.

Seamless Check-In During Visit

Seamless Check-In During Visit

  • Curbside Check-in

    Patients can confirm their arrival at the practice through text and automatically check in while waiting in the safety of their vehicle.

  • Breakdown Of Benefits

    Document detailed breakdown of benefits that explains exactly what services are covered along with frequency limitations, history, coverage amounts and plan exclusions using smart eligibility forms.

  • Patient Payment Via Text 2 Pay

    Send a friendly personalized text message to the patients with a link to view and pay the patient portion of the payment.

Ongoing Engagement After Visit

Ongoing Engagement After Visit

  • Collect Patient Reviews

    Send a text message to your patients with a link to review your practice before they even walk out of your office.

  • Two Way Texting With Patients

    Patients can ask questions to practice staff and receive answers quickly through two way text messages.

  • Secure Patient Portal

    Share important information regarding treatments, payments, appointments and communicate with patients securely via an integrated patient portal.

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