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CareStack, the fastest-growing dental software in the US, is now in Singapore

With state-of-the-art features and an award-winning, cloud-based platform, discover why CareStack time and again proves to be an industry leader and the favorite practice management software for dentists.

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Who We Serve

CareStack is used by large DSOs, single-office practices, and everything in between! With all the features and functionality you could ask for, we help streamline your operations with an affordable and scalable solution. Contact us today to discuss your practice needs; we’re confident you’ll see the CareStack difference!

Dental practices

Dental Practices

A single practice management solution to handle all your practice needs

Dental Startups

Enhance your patient experience while keeping your startup costs low

Dental Groups & DSOs

Dental Chains & DSOs

Centralize and automate your operations to reduce overheads per location

Superior Software, All the Way Through!

CareStack aims to improve patient experience and ease the workload for team members throughout the journey.

Pre Visit


Streamline the pre-visit process with paperless onboarding workflows

Digital Forms
Automated Reminders
Automated Confirmations
Web Chat

During Visit


Eliminate the long waiting time and thus the frustrations along with it

SingPass Integration
Contactless check-in
Self-service kiosks



Prioritize patient preference for interaction at every stage of communication.

Automated Follow Ups
Birthday Greetings
Patient Portal
2-Way texting

Advanced CareStack Features

Advanced Scheduling

  • Track Broken Appointments

    Convert broken appointments into opportunities by keeping them on a rescheduled list

  • Automated Patient Engagement

    Automated Whatsapp appointment reminders and confirmations by reply

Clinical Management

  • Advanced Odontogram

    Treatment notes and history against each tooth. Easy to filter

  • Potential Opportunities

    List of patients with planned treatments but did not schedule

  • Imaging Software Integrations

    Patient records integrated with imaging software to eliminate redundant works

  • Advanced Perio Charts

    Comparison of Perio charts available for ease of access

Patient Engagement

  • Automated Campaigns

    Automated email/text/Whatsapp to remind patients about appointments, confirmations, and recalls

  • Re-Engage Patients

    Create custom birthday campaigns or re-engagement campaigns

  • One to One Chat

    Personalized patient engagement to maximize the experience


  • Better Payment Management

    Auto allocation of payments to outstanding invoices

  • Better Claim Posting Workflows

    Capture insurance payments, claim posting workflow, and history of claim posting

  • CHAS Claim Submission

    Automated CHAS claim submissions reducing the error margin. Auto updation of CHAS claim status

  • Provider Commission

    No need to rely on multiple reports to get the provider commission details

Inventory Management

  • Supplier Management

    Streamline Purchase Orders, Bills, and Supplier Payments with Real-Time Insights

  • Track Batch & Expiry

    Enhanced Batch and Expiry Management: Identify Low-Stock Items and Intelligently Dispense Soonest Expiry Stock

  • Stock Movement Report

    Efficiently Monitor Stock Movement: Easy Batch Tracking and Recall for Medicines and Patients

  • Expense Management

    Effortlessly track Expenses and never miss GST input credits or reconciliation issues with the back office

integrations carestack

We’ve the integrations in place

  • Our integration with CHAS allows all Singapore Citizens, including PG and MG cardholders, to get dental subsidies at participating clinics. 

  • We prioritize patient privacy and use Singpass for digital verification, avoiding the need for physical NRICs/FIN cards. 

  • CareStack integrates with Digital MC for medical certificates, running on Microsoft Azure for secure data processing. 

  • We offer Treatment Planning for better patient care and comply with Government and MOH regulations.

Frictionless Onboarding

Right from the start, we make sure you’re always getting the most out of our solutions.

  • Data conversion

    Data Conversion

    Electronic data conversion process designed to move your patient documents, x-rays, and images with zero loss of information.

  • User training

    User Training

    CS Learn will provide everything your team needs - video tutorials, checklists, and instructor-led sessions.

  • Customer support

    Customer Support

    Connect with a support team member within minutes, even seconds, and get the tools you need to go about your day.

  • Billing services

    Billing Services

    Shift your administrative burden around getting paid to us and focus more on patient care and practice growth.


Make Your Staff Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enable your staff to be more efficient by providing the right tools to stay on top of their tasks with ease.

Automate routine tasks

Task Automation

Automate redundant tasks like routine patient communication, recalls, etc., and free up your staff time.

Task management

Task Management

Track pending action items using smart worklists and stay on top of your tasks.

Intraoffice communication

Intraoffice Communication

Efficiently communicate with one another, whether it be one on one or group messaging.

Why CareStack?

CareStack offers all the functionality and a sleek user interface you’re looking for in dental software, but the biggest benefits for dentists are in the results. Discover the difference that CareStack can make in improving practice efficiency and easing the burdens of managing your business

Simplify Your Practice, Work, & Life

Move away from the complexities of using multiple software and manage everything you need through one modern cloud dental software. Gain more time to focus on what matters most—your patients, your team, and your life.

Elevate Care, Experience & Relationships

Personalize the patient experience and make every interaction between the patient and your practice easier than ever. Combine care, convenience, and communication to build meaningful relationships like never before.

Streamline Billing, Collections & Profits

Get total visibility into the financial performance while enabling your billing team to collect more, faster with less administrative work. Say "No" to missed collections and administrative hassles and say "Yes" to more income and profits.

Drive Efficiency, Results & Success

Access, visualize and interpret your data in real-time and gain insights into your organization’s clinical, financial, and administrative performance. Keep a pulse on your entire business and make intelligent decisions that produce outstanding success.

Centralize Operations & Scale Profitably

As you add multiple locations, centralize your operations to decrease the overhead per office and improve the profitability of your group. Ensure consistent performance and reduced overheads by centralizing workflows and automating operational tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CareStack over another software?

In all candor, we can’t answer this question without knowing more about your business. Some of what our clients say is focused on the following: reducing software subscriptions, gaining flexibility to manage the practice, centralizing important business functions while giving team members the ability to work from anywhere. Book a short meeting so we can see if CareStack is a good fit for you.

What are the various pricing options available?

CareStack is a monthly subscription service. We can work with your office regardless of whether you want a per provider, per location, or per user pricing model.

Are there any setup fees or long-term contracts?

There are set-up fees related to implementation and possible conversion of data from a prior practice management software. Once you are up and running, CareStack is a month to month service. Most agreements can be canceled with 30 days notice.

How can I get my existing data imported?

This is our jam! Rest assured, we can transition your data from a wide array of current dental practice management software platforms from the widely known to the more esoteric. Our white glove implementation and data conversion teams will work in close concert with your practice to ensure the timely and accurate transfer of your data. This is all accomplished in a fully HIPAA compliant process.

How long does it take to implement?

Most existing practices prefer to go from agreement signing to “Live” in CareStack within a 60 day period. “De Novo” practices where there is no transfer of data can go live in the matter of just a few weeks. Multi-location practices often take a little longer at the preference of their teams.

About CareStack

All-in-One, Cloud Dental Practice Management Software

CareStack’s innovative dental software is designed to perform all the major functions of a dental practice. Founded with the principles of simplicity, functionality, and usability, CareStack has been revolutionizing the dental space since its inception. Whereas legacy software vendors require multiple costly upgrades or add-on software, CareStack users enjoy all the same features (and more) in a single, fully-integrated platform. If you’re looking for a solution to increase practice efficiency while decreasing expenses and consolidating subscriptions, there is no better choice than CareStack. Trusted by over 2,000 US providers and growing, choose the dental software that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups and large DSOs, yet affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!